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The thrill of buying tires?

Shopping for tires is not the kind of trip that’s high on my list of fun things to do. I mean, buying tires? Whaa-whaa. Thud. However, as I walked around my Jeep one day to see if anyone had opened … Continue reading

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Have you had your hug today?

I recently went to an event with friends where, when it was over, everyone was hugging, like people do after an evening when feelings of closeness and well-being surround everyone. As I leaned in to hug one person, she said, … Continue reading

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Writing and Taxes

I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to leave the writing groove. I savor the days I wake up and write, do some book promo, catch up with happenings on Facebook, and write. Oh, I said that. So … Continue reading

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Eek! Black Friday!

Being of unsound mind and questionable judgment, I ventured into the world of holiday shopping on Black Friday, lured by its enticing name. My shopping quest continued ┬áinto the following and equally enticingly named days of Small Business Saturday and … Continue reading

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A Trip to the Mall Gone South

We’d gone to Barnes and Noble at the local mall, had a chocolate milkshake at the food court, and were leaving that mecca of fine dining when, Boom, my husband took a tumble. He went down. Hard. I was a … Continue reading

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Flashbacks – Good and Not So Good

What is it about the urge to revisit our past, either in our thoughts or in person? Why do we do it? What are we hoping to feel, learn, experience, see? A few years ago my husband and I decided … Continue reading

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Pictures and Words

It’s always interesting to see your work in a magazine or journal in its final published form – the layout of the piece on the page, the general tone and feel of the publication, the use of pictures, if any. … Continue reading

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