Free to be Wild

I’ve always had a fascination with horses. I admire their power, their beauty, and their role in furthering men’s dreams and goals through the ages. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a sweet tempered Appaloosa named Ember, a nervous and high spirited saddlebred named Rebel and an independent, strong-willed Arabian called Sultan. My feelings for these three unique animals plus my broader respect for the overall majesty and heritage of horses motivated the following piece called “Free to be Wild.” Enjoy.

Hoof beats rumble
across the ground.
Coyote and jackrabbit run from the sound.

A stallion gallops
with his alpha mare.
His band of wild horses swirl dust in the air.

Bodies all powerful,
lathered and wet,
taut muscles glisten beneath their sweat.

Flashing eyes,
a flow of mane,
strong hooves pummel the grassy plain.

No slave to lasso,
saddle or brand,
unbridled, untethered, the land they command.

His herd lives,
survives in its kingdom,
to revel in life, to celebrate freedom.

                                                                                                             by Carol S. Mann 2020


Racing from the Dark by Watercolorist Lynn Centeno

If you enjoy horses or history or have concern about preserving the beings of the planet, you may find this book of interest



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