Marketing … And the Book Goes On

My husband created a book of original recipes for making chocolates called Anthony’s Chocolates On-the-Go, Done My Way. He felt making chocolates didn’t have to be a big, scary mystery with fancy, expensive equipment so he developed fail-safe recipes for success. He marketed the book at book expos and fairs, gave talks and demonstrations, and taught classes.


Preparing for a class with one of his helpers for a Valentine’s Day event. Heart dishes made of chocolate are in the foreground and, of course, on the back of the helper’s shirt is the word “chocolate.” The baskets on the rear counter contain samples. The plant on the island is a Valentine’s Day “door prize.”

He also marketed his book with samples, his trademark creation being “The Turtle.”


A popular item!

The book came out in 2009 and debuted at a crowded signing in a friend’s home. After five years or so, he retired from the circuit. (But not from eating chocolates.)


Setting up for a boutique sales event. You can see the book on a stand, another book on the table for people to peruse, posters, ingredients on a tray, his favorite pan, a magazine called Prime Time open to an article about him, business cards in a small white holder, handouts and a basket of wrapped samples.


He liked to wear a chef’s toque and coat and have fun. One of his favorite book inscriptions was “How sweet it is!”

One night recently, our phone rang. The woman identified herself. I didn’t make the connection. Then, to help me out, she said she bought Tony’s book a number of years ago, saved his business card and now wanted a book for her niece. No, wait. She wanted four books … for four nieces.


Happy buyers having fun. Who knew the lady in the center would return after several years for more books?

Now we’ve arrived at the big point. It’s all about marketing your book. You can never underestimate the importance of interacting with buyers and potential buyers, building rapport, and making connections. Talk. Talk. Talk. For example, compliment an interesting piece of clothing a person is wearing or ask the person a question or refer to something of interest in the book.


An animated conversation.

More ideas. Put a book in their hands. Put a bookmark in their hands. Give them a sample. For this book, it’s a piece of chocolate. Take a picture with their permission. Wear something interesting, in this case, the chef’s outfit. In other words, think of the various ways you can make connections with people. Think of actions you can take to make your book an item of interest, whether fiction or nonfiction.


Prepare a basket to donate to a charity auction. This one contains Anthony’s book, a bottle of wine, two glasses, chocolates, etc. Someone was very happy to win this auction basket. Something like this puts your book and name out there.


Anthony’s truffles in individual boxes for wedding favors.

Marketing, marketing, marketing. These are a few ideas used by a retired chocolatier that may help trigger ideas for marketing your book. Think out of the box. Try a word cloud of connected words related to your book. Don’t judge. Just do a word cluster. Items and ideas will pop out that are useful.

The pleasure of someone buying your book is unbeatable and that pleasure can continue. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a repeat customer!

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3 Responses to Marketing … And the Book Goes On

  1. Your husband needs to write a follow-up book!


  2. thefolia says:

    How exciting…cheers to more sales and of course more chocolate making!

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