I Like Happy Endings

Although I like literary fiction, dark films, and endings that make you catch your breath, there’s much to be said about hope and happy endings. Back on September 28 of this year, I posted a blog called “Layers of Loss.” In it, I lamented losing an earring from a pair my husband had given me many years ago. The post highlighted that ping of sadness a person feels when a sentimental object is suddenly just gone.

Well, a week ago when I was in the garage and about to hop in the Jeep, I heard my name being called from inside the house. Loud. Before I could take but a few steps toward the sound, the door from the house into the garage swung open and a hand emerged holding a small object. I heard the words, “Look, look!” Then the whole person emerged, smiling and waving said object. Our housekeeper had just made my day.

Elvira comes every few weeks to dig my husband and me out from under the clutter of our daily living. She’s been with us a long time and knows how we tick – I’d told her about losing a special earring. She has a cleaning system by which she addresses certain areas of need on a rotating cycle. This particular day was the moving of big furniture in the great room to give a thorough polish to the floors beneath and do a good wipe down of the chairs and couch.

Two pieces of furniture involved are heavy recliners. (I know, I know, we’re debauched – his and hers recliners.) Fortunately, they can be pushed about on the tile floors. The earring emerged from under my chair, having made its way from my earlobe into the creases, crevices and openings of the recliner, propelled in a downward journey as the chair went up and down, eventually landing on the floor beneath. Back on that dreary night when I realized the earring had disappeared from my ear, I’d gone over the chair like Sherlock Holmes. However, the earring was completely out of sight and feel, simply lost somewhere in the chair’s innards.

But now, I bask in this story’s ending, the best of Christmas presents, ever grateful to Elvira, her sharp eye and her thoroughness. And on this happy thought, I’ll call it a wrap. With nine days to Christmas, I wish you and those you love a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Be safe.


The earrings … back together again!

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6 Responses to I Like Happy Endings

  1. I swear those chairs have a built-in black hole that swallows up everything. A set of car keys and a pair of glasses disappeared one day. I know where they are! Waiting for my happy ending. So glad you received yours.

  2. Danielle Cook says:

    what a nice story to end the year! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  3. Rachel Canchola says:

    Love, love happy endings! The most blessed of Christmas to you and yours and good health and many blessings n the New Year. Hugs ❤️😘🤗🌲🌲🌲

    Sent from my iPad


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