Our Book Marketing Continues

In the desert we have what is called “The Season.” Its opposite is “The Summer.” What happens during a desert summer? Not much. People begin leaving in late April, early May. Organizations and clubs stop meeting in late spring. Some restaurants close from June through September. There’s no problem making a reservation in the ones that remain open. Snowbirds go to cooler climes, locals take short trips to the beach, to the mountains, to the river. There are just fewer people in the valley and there’s simply not a great deal going on. But then the weather begins to change.

Aha, “The Season” arrives usually sometime during October. The air changes, the weather becomes postcard-like and cooler. The music festivals arrive, the golf tournaments lure people in to tee off or be a spectator, the tennis tournaments pack the stands, restaurants are crowded, organizations are in full swing. People are in a vacation-holiday mood. They have free time. They’re shopping. They’re going to street fairs, art faires, furnishing a second home, relocating to the desert permanently, celebrating. You can feel the energy and activity in the air. Also the traffic on the roads.

0 front cover

This is the time for book marketing efforts that may have been dormant to restart. For our book All Ways A Woman, my co-creator Lynn and I have booked into events and activities to catch this season’s mood.

November 4, 2017, we’ll be exhibiting at The Trilogy Art Faire.



December 2, 2017, we’ll be doing a Reading and Conversation at Solutions for Serenity.




January 23, 2018, we’ll be at the La Quinta Library as one of six programs for the Local Voices Series which runs from October through March.



February 23, 2018, we’ll be presenting for the Rancho Mirage Women’s Club at The Indian Wells Country Club.



March 14, 2018, we’ll be one of the Women’s History Month programs at the Palm Springs Library.

Palm Springs Library


These are examples of venues where we will be marketing our book. After each Reading and Conversation, our books and greeting card line based on the book are available for purchase.

For on-line marketing we have listed the book with Shout My Book. They do social media promotion. Thank you to poet/author Donna Fitzgerald for sharing the information. You can find out more here: https://shoutmybook.com

We also have planned an event for some ladies who have shown both their support for our book and belief in us in special ways. But more about that later. It’s a surprise.

We’ll be posting on our All Ways A Woman Facebook page about these and other events. https://www.facebook.com/AllWaysAWoman/ The book is available on Amazon.com

As you can tell, “The Season” in the desert is cranking up, promising to be an exciting and busy one. We started working on these venues as last season drew to a close. Clubs and organizations make plans for the upcoming season during the summer. We made sure we sent out our PR package early to be a part of these planning conversations.

We look forward to a busy season.



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2 Responses to Our Book Marketing Continues

  1. judithfabris says:

    Looks like you two have a very busy season- Sell lots of books and enjoy what you are doing.

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