The thrill of buying tires?

Shopping for tires is not the kind of trip that’s high on my list of fun things to do. I mean, buying tires? Whaa-whaa. Thud. However, as I walked around my Jeep one day to see if anyone had opened a car door into its side or hit it ever so gently in a parking lot, I was surprised to see something on one of the rear tires. Or rather the lack of something on one of the rear tires. No tread. Or barely little. What? When did this happen?

I hurriedly looked at the other three tires and came to the same conclusion. Unless smooth surfaced tires were in vogue, it was time for new ones. But I wanted to double check myself. While my car was being serviced at the dealership, I casually asked about the tires. Yes, I was told, you need new ones.

Wanting a second opinion, I went to a tire retailer and they measured the tread. I was told there was still life in the old boys, a bit of time left. Okay, so I chewed on these two pieces of conflicting information. But I had a gnawing feeling. I sure didn’t want to be caught somewhere in the summer heat with a flat tire. At least not one caused by my own negligence.


Which brand? Best warranty? Best deal? (Courtesy of Upcycled Wonders)

I lined myself up with another tire retailer. But then the question loomed, what brand? Michelin? Bridgestone? Goodyear? Firestone? Yokohama? Oh, boy. No idea. Then came the discussion about what’s on sale, which brand has the best warranty, what do the consumer reports and reviews say? My head spun.

I decided on Bridgestone tires. I had my Jeep at the facility bright and early the next day and the tires were put on, the wheels balanced. Whirr, whirr, whirr, whirr. Then came the information pack with the mail-in warranty card, papers to read, stuff to keep and file.

“What about tire rotation in the future?” I asked. “Every six thousand miles,” came the answer. Oh, boy, something else to remember. To help, a sticker was put on the windshield with the current mileage to remind me. It’s right next to the sticker that reminds me when the next oil change is due. Also on the windshield is a transponder. The place is getting crowded.

“Great,” I said, about to leave. “You have to come back in 25 miles,” the installer told me, “to be retorqued.” Say what? Will it hurt? But I did. They simply rechecked the bolts. Zip, zip and I was done.

The new tires are performing like champs. I’m glad to have them. But you know my line. “I’d rather be shopping at Chico’s.”

The old adage tells us things occur in threes. This summer, along with its delightful weather, has served up several other delights. Number one – a new HVAC system. Number two – new tires. Number three … I’m holding my breath.


We can always go sit in the shade … (Courtesy of Pinterest)


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2 Responses to The thrill of buying tires?

  1. so true about tires- but better be safe than sorry- cute article- you are proving to the world that something as mundane as buying tires can make an interesting, charming story.

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