The Book Marketing Adventure Continues

The book marketing adventure continues with All Ways A Woman. Lynn and I learn something new with each Reading and Conversation we do, either about ourselves or about our material. We’ve learned how different audiences can be and how to adjust. Some audiences are reserved, others are highly participatory. Physical environments are different, too. We’ve learned to adjust quickly, whatever we encounter. Our events culminate with book sales at a signing table.

We continue making our calls to different venues. It’s a process. Some brick and mortar locations need corporate approval, others managerial approval. When we contact organizations, we must wait for their board meetings to convene for our information to be presented and then we do follow-ups. Sometimes, an event that looks promising isn’t and one that isn’t becomes terrific. And sometimes, we’re not really sure what we’re getting into. A recent event exceeded all expectations.

Gallery Event

The gallery managers at Cambria Gallery located on El Paseo in Palm Desert where we recently held an evening event definitely know how to host a happening. When we arrived, the tables and chairs were set up for the audience, surfaces cleared for our books and marketing materials, and areas ready for serving appetizers and wine, catered by Il Corso Restaurant.


Cambria Gallery located on El Paseo in Palm Desert

Guests arrived, were offered appetizers and wine, found their seats, and the event was underway. At each seat the managers had placed a brochure about the gallery and an individual favor – two Oreos covered in white chocolate. Sinful. One of the managers spoke briefly about the gallery and then introduced us.

IMG_0697 2

Cambria cookies for each guest

Lynn and I did our Reading and Conversation to an interested and receptive audience. We followed with a Q & A session. How do we get our ideas? How did our collaboration begin? How did our process work in putting together the book? A good evening. Obviously, the arrangement was beneficial for both the gallery and us.

First Lady Notes

I wrote previously that we had sent letters and books to all living first ladies. Here’s another note we’ve received – from former first lady Rosalyn Carter.

Version 2

Rosalynn Carter, wife of the 39th President


We encourage reviews. In fact, if you’ve read All Ways A Woman, and would like to take a moment to post a review on our Amazon page at, that would be great. By clicking on the author’s name, you’ll find more information and a book trailer to enjoy. Please also visit our Goodreads page at

Upcoming Events

Two girlfriend events are coming up on May 2 and 4. They will be the finale for the season. We’re combining a Reading and Conversation with an opportunity to see and sample Arbonne products – a line of vegan skin care, make-up, and healthy diet choices. Add snacks and wine for a fun evening.

Visit our All Ways A Woman Facebook page for details.

The Season

We live in the southern California desert so our “season” of high activity winds down as summer knocks on the door. I welcome the chance to return to the writing and editing of my short story collection. Also during this down time, Lynn and I will continue to organize next season’s activities for All Ways A Woman.

Version 2

Introduction to All Ways A Woman


A Celebration


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2 Responses to The Book Marketing Adventure Continues

  1. pamgolden says:

    Beautiful post. You and Lynn were wonderful to listen to at Cambria. Love the pictures of Cambria and the letter from Rosalyn Carter is fabulous. Love, Pam

  2. cmwriter says:

    Hi Pam – So glad you enjoyed the gallery event and thank you for being part of a great audience!

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