The gift of the gathering

We’re all familiar with the interview question, “If you could spend a day with a famous person, living or dead, who would it be?” As I thought about the question, I decided if I did this, I would choose a woman. Then I realized I couldn’t decide on just one famous woman. What if I chose ten? It might be exciting to bring a group together for a conversation or a gathering or a retreat. And how would I choose? Long story short, I used a not so very scientific method. I narrowed the field by choosing women with birthdays in July. What kind of group might that commonality produce?

by Francoise Colander

painting by Francoise Collandre

Then the question became, who would I invite? After researching several lists of women with July birthdays, I chose Malala Yousafzai, Angela Merkel, Emmeline Pankhurst, Rose Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Estee Lauder, J.K. Rowling, Ann Landers, Diahann Carroll, and Princess Diana. I’m curious as to what drives them today or what drove them during the society of their day. I’m curious as to their joys, their fears, their dreams. What are they like inside? Would I bond with some more than others? Would the group experience a moment of oneness, a lifting of hearts and spirits?

"Tapestry" by R. C. Gorman

“Tapestry” by R. C. Gorman

Why these choices? I chose Malala for her bravery and dedication to education for girls, Angela for achieving leadership of a world power, Emmeline for courage and perseverance in the fight for women’s suffrage, Rose for being the matron of a power family, Amelia for being a forward thinker and pioneer, Estee for her business acumen, J.K. Rowling for her literary success, Ann for her homespun advice, Diahann for the breakthroughs she forged, Diana for her struggle for identity. I think they would bring many roles, many ideas, and many gifts.

The Gift of the Gathering

together we gather
worried, contemplative
optimistic, stoic, sad
our world view guides our thought
our life experience bonds us
women … searching and strong

mothers they call us
bearers of children
nurturers of body and soul
family guide in crisis and joy

daughters they call us
our mothers’ students
learning daily life
peeking beyond its boundaries

wives they call us
joined in ceremony
partners through life’s
trials and uncertainties

sisters they call us
first playmates
safe havens for secrets
confidants and rivals

girlfriends they call us
coffee meets and
shopping treats
pillars for each other

teachers they call us
bearers of society’s values
its art, music, manners
culture, the written word

grandmothers they call us
keepers of the family story
of man, his traditions
protectors of keepsakes

trailblazers they call us
changing laws
changing institutions
opening doors and breaking ceilings

talents they call us
heroes for growing girls
making our marks
in everyday life and in the world

but mostly they call us women
governors of our own destiny
strong, constant,
ever emerging
finding strength in each other
in times of sadness
finding strength in each other
in times of great happiness
finding strength in ourselves
in spiritual silence

finding ways to go on

"The Group" by Itzchak Tarkay

“The Group” by Itzchak Tarkay

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6 Responses to The gift of the gathering

  1. Beautiful. You have the most interesting mind.

  2. cmwriter says:

    Thank you, Cyndy.

  3. Kerry says:

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your beautiful writing.

  4. Ruth Hill says:

    Thank you for identifying ME

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