And you write because?

And you write because? A good question. Have you thought about what compels you to write?

Writing seems to be something I have to do, like eating. I grow unhappy or unsettled if I don’t have the opportunity to write regularly. What is it that lures me? It’s an odd combination: work and excitement. As to where the ideas come from? I don’t know. The seed is just there.

Whenever I’m writing, I seem to do four things:


I explore a thought, an idea, or a feeling whether for an essay, a story, a scene, a situation, or a character. This involves investigating the possible directions an idea could go. Sometimes it’s organic and just arrives. Sometimes it’s work. It’s using the “what if ….” idea as I look at options. It’s brainstorming with yourself and jotting down the ideas in a nonjudgmental way. I do this until I find a path.


Then I hike down that writing path and slip into the caves along the way to discover the secrets. As I explore, I discover layers within an idea or a feeling or a plot or a character. Once the path is open, I follow it, knowing full well a discovery may take place which leads to a new path that veers off to the left or right, a path I didn’t see coming.


Next I experiment with how to arrange the thoughts and ideas. I experiment with the best way to put the piece and the words together to give maximum effect. Long sentences, short sentences. Word choice. I want the reader to see the image, feel the emotion or tension, understand the idea, be touched. I’ll move sentences and sentence parts around because when they are born, they’re a little unruly.


Lastly, I hope I’ve expressed something deeper about life, a universal truth or feeling, that talks to the reader, that talks to me. The final step is to see if I’ve expressed myself with clarity and honesty. I like knowing I’ve worked my way through a puzzle of ideas, sifted and weighed them, discarded and added as needed, and created a whole entity.

The art of expression is defined as “the process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.” I enjoy entering the maze to see where it leads. I enjoy the writing journey.

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I'm a writer ... of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I blog about writing, short stories, poetry, books, plays, and thoughts on life. Love reading and travel and being with friends!
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9 Responses to And you write because?

  1. I like how you write. You really get to the core of it, to the soul.
    I also like to experiment and express, discover and explore!
    I love exploring!
    I write because I want to put out my personal experiences out there for others to see and learn.
    In the process, I mature more and more everyday I reflect upon my personal life and my personal insights.
    I hope you check out my blog, it is similar in spirit.
    See you there 😉

  2. cmwriter says:

    Hi Creative Dave – Thank you! I’m glad to meet a like mind and enjoyed my visit to your site. I’ve recently written two personal essays in which I made discoveries about me. Who knew?!

  3. SusanB says:

    With you, well, with both of us because your description of your need to write fits me to a tee, the seed is the idea but innately we have the fodder to begin! Carol, your tips and expertise are a boon to the craft 🙂 Thank you.

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