Enjoying Things Creative …

While some hours, days, or even weeks can be absolute bummers (we’ve all been there), other periods of time overflow with activities and events we love to do. Like a perfect storm. Recently, several of mine clustered together within a few weeks time. Things like writing and book related events and art shows.

First was the Desert Writers Expo, sponsored by the Palm Springs Writers Guild and the Rancho Mirage Library. The one day event brings together 40 authors of short stories, novels, nonfiction, the culinary arts, and poetry. It’s an active and busy show. My husband, a chocolatier, does the event every year.


Assisting your best friend (and husband) at the Desert Writers Expo

Assisting my best friend (and husband) at the Desert Writers Expo

 Anthony's Chocolates On-the- Go, "Done My Way"

Tony with his book – Anthony’s Chocolates On-the- Go, “Done My Way”

Watercolorist Lynn Centeno

Watercolorist Lynn Centeno

Next was a Trunk Show featuring two local artists, watercolorist Lynn Centeno and jewelry designer Nettie Roberts. I found this watercolor called “Wild Horses” as soon as I walked into the event. It now hangs in our living room. What attracted me was the color, the power, and the energy. Plus the wonderful majesty of these animals.

"Wild Horses" by watercolorist Lynn Centeno

“Wild Horses” by Lynn Centeno

Each month The Palm Springs Writers Guild offers its 278 members an ongoing contest called the Monthly Writing Challenge. The challenge has a different emphasis with a different set of criteria each month. Periodically, I’m invited to read the winning story at the monthly meeting. Below, I’m reading “Spirit Point,” a tension filled flash fiction piece by writer Larry Lauritzen.

PSWG March 2015 Web6

February’s Challenge “The Pursuit Plot”

PSWG March 2015 Web15

The Winning Story

Photos courtesy of Cheryl McFadden

A twelve week class on writing the personal essay also started, taught by Author/Journalist Maggie Downs and sponsored by the Palm Springs Writers Guild.  The class goal is to have each writer produce a body of work which can then be further developed. One of the these writings will be workshopped and polished. There’s the possibility of a publication and a public reading at the conclusion of the class.

Author/Journalist Maggie Downs

Author/Journalist Maggie Downs

Then there was a show by glass artist Don Dietz. Couldn’t resist this bowl.

Art Glass

Art Glass

Glass Artist Don Dietz

Glass Artist Don Dietz

Slogging along on a draft

Lastly, I’m working on a draft of a new story.

Hope your days are filled with creative things that make you happy … in your artistic life and your daily living. Love to hear about them.

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I'm a writer ... of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I blog about writing, short stories, poetry, books, plays, and thoughts on life. Love reading and travel and being with friends!
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4 Responses to Enjoying Things Creative …

  1. I always have to laugh at people who say, “Whaddia do all day? Don’t get you bored?”
    You are such a fine example of the full life of a creative person!

  2. SusanB says:

    Carol, you are a busy lady participating in and attending some cool functions. Are you writing with pen and paper rather than keyboard?

  3. cmwriter says:

    During “season” in the desert, activities and events multiply. Much going on. Something for everyone. Re: the writing. I pen and paper it when I’m brainstorming with myself, sentence outlining, playing with titles, or at that moment don’t have access to a computer. Once past that, I’m a computer writer.

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