The Thankful Challenge

Facebook is fun. I mean, where else can I learn I’m most like a chocolate chip cookie, I’m an optimist, and Happy is a song written especially for me? Where else can I laugh out loud or give you lots of love or wish you lots of luck with a simple lol? Where else can I see something that will absolutely blow me away? And where else can I take a quiz and learn I’m almost a genius!?!

And then my niece posted “The Thankful Challenge” on Facebook. And challenged me. Oh-oh. This felt like work. Or something risky. Would this be fun? The challenge: For seven days post three different things daily for which you are thankful and … pass the challenge to two new people each day.

At first I thought I’d pretend I didn’t see her post. But that didn’t feel right. So I accepted. The words came with starts and stops. Then they began to flow. Day one, day two, days three through six. Those posts can be found on my Facebook page – Carol Mann. 

Now I’ve reached Day Seven. I’m feeling a bit sad the challenge is ending. As a friend said, “It’s addictive.” And so I thoughtfully write the seventh day entry of the Seven Day Challenge :

1) I’m thankful for those who share their joys and sorrows. I know I’m not alone.

2) I’m thankful for a body and mind that allows me to feel and think, to know emotion and ideas.

3) I’m thankful for the mysteries of our universe which fill me with wonder.

Is our world a phenomena of nature? The work of a higher being? How did it all come to be? What is its meaning, its purpose, our purpose? With respect, I leave those questions for each of you to ponder. What I can say is this: I’m glad I’m here. I’m grateful for this gift of life.

It’s obvious thankfulness doesn’t begin or end with a Facebook post. It’s ongoing, whether in the mind or in our actions or in a journal. I know it feels good. Thank you to my niece Susan Beers for challenging me. And thank you to those who joined in, whether in a post or comment or silent thought.

Was it fun? The Thankful Challenge ran deeper than that. It was gratifying and humbling and soul searching. I’m glad I accepted. And with this breathtaking photo taken by FB friend Kate Porter I’ll close. How grateful I am for the eternal beauty of a sunset.

"Sunset in Joshua Tree"

“Sunset in Joshua Tree”

                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Kate Porter

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4 Responses to The Thankful Challenge

  1. Well done, Carol. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts the last seven days and your lists of gratitude. There’s a little self-help book in there.

  2. cmwriter says:

    Thank you so much, Susan. I’m glad you were part of my short but meaningful journey! Your last sentence intrigues me!

  3. SusanB says:

    Great work on your blog Carol. Your efforts at spreading joy and sunshine are appreciated.

  4. cmwriter says:

    Appreciate your comment, Susan.

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